Entrust Milk is a trademark of high-end, sugar-free, milk products made by AVI Group based in the USA. This name has become globally renowned with highest quality products. AVI Group has permanently strived to supply the best for our customers and their families around the world.

From the very beginning, we have always been preoccupied with the most valued ingredients in our products. Many years have been studying and developing new nutritious items: with a goal of providing and highlighting the best products possible, and an ineffable commitment of an aura of authenticity. In the future, we will continue to satisfy consumers with cutting-edge products, so we are proud to be here.

Entrust Milk keeps an eye on the efforts to provide quality, while pushing the heritage angle: our products are imbued with the best ingredients, therefore ensuring a better life for our customers-- children and adults alike. If you are concerned about quality issues, do not look further! We always use sophisticated equipment to fabricate exceedingly industry standards for milks and byproducts, with safety as our foremost intention. All products of Entrust Milk are supported by US Milk’s Quality Management System.

With an array of engineers and food experts, we are constantly improving our quality. Each result we produce is an accomplished work of laboured researching that carries a little bit of our proud history. We do not sleep on laurels and continue to develop new ideas and formulas, which authenticity and high values are unlike to other products in the market.     

In defense of our reputation, with quality honored production methods, we collaborate with respected industry partners in presenting to international markets a variety of items which consumers would say: “We know that Entrust Milk is a great and trustworthy brand.”

Authenticity is difficult in an increasingly mediated world. To this day, we are still supplying products that proves our name to be well-known and reliable. We would like to invite you to share information about our research for ethical practices and to those whose stories are deeply relevant.

As from the beginning, we continuously ensure the safety and good health for the community. We always work in this trend and hope that when the public is looking for the best names in this milk formula industry, they would know that Entrust Milk is truly a great brand.

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